Sunday, March 25, 2007

Recent stuff

He had a little help from Mommy, but Brazos had a large time on the slide at the park.

Remember Mrs. Kravitz, from "Bewitched"? Well, Sophie has taken on that role in our neighborhood...or at least in our backyard. She's keeping an eye on the kids next door.

Sophie is nothing if not a snappy dresser.


The boy has two teeth coming in. They don't seem to be bothering him; he's still a very happy young man. He's just getting so big, so quickly.

Both babies

Once again, our friend Robbie Rogers, Baylor's photographer, did a great job shooting some pictures for us. We took Sophie there for her 2-year-old portrait, and Robbie got some shots of both of them.

Sophie and the Bear

Sophie and Daddy went to campus today to meet the bears. This is Judge Joy, one of Baylor's mascots. Though she looks a bit apprehensive in the second photo, Sophie really had a good time. She wanted to climb up on the platform right next to Joy, but the trainers wouldn't allow that. She wasn't scared a bit; she's such a big girl